The eJuice that Won my Heart Over

Suicide Bunny eJuice caught my attention really quick! What an intriguing name to give to an eJuice, wouldn’t you agree? The graphics on the bottles were also pretty interesting, and I had to find out for myself what Suicide Bunny was all about. One of the best decisions I have made in my life. I have enjoyed vaping since the start, but now, things are so much better. These ejuices are phenomenal, and I love everything about them.

Get to know Suicide Bunny

Suicide Bunny is a U.S. produced ejuice. The product began in 2013 after Pip Gresham, an e-cigarette smoker, grew tired of the insufficient products out there. She wanted a product that was not only flavorful and enjoyable, she wanted it to be priced comfortably. What better way to ensure that you get just what you want than to make it yourself? So, this is just what she did; Suicide Bunny eJuice began.

Suicide Bunny offers their eJuice flavors in a number of different nicotine strengths, so if you are trying to stop smoking, you certainly will find these products beneficial. You can rotate nicotine levels as needed! Super awesome.

What I Love about Suicide Bunny

Suicide Bunny makes premium ejuices that taste great, offer a smooth, full throat hit, and won’t hurt your bank account. With 13 different flavors, there is something for every interest out there, and it enables you to keep a nice variety. Each flavor is pretty awesome, although I do admit that I am more fond of some of them than I am others.

Sucker Punch and Mother’s Milk are my two favorite ejuice choices from Suicide Bunny, but you will also find exciting flavors available such as Derailed, The O.B., and others. Mother’s Milk is one of my favorites because it tastes like a sweet treat exploding in your mouth with each puff that you take. I love it so much. This ejuice blends strawberry into the finishing touch with succulence. Sucker Punch attracted me with the name and kept me around with its uniqueness. mixes dragonfruit and smooth cream together to give you this awesome flavor that you won’t find anywhere else. Come on now, who do you know that uses dragonfly as a flavor? No one that I have ever before seen!

Final Thoughts

Suicide Bunny is affordably priced and available online and at many different retail outlets across the U.S. If you are a vaper looking for something new and exciting, take a look at the various eJuices offered by the brand. It took me just one use to get hooked, and I know they’ll do the same for you. This is the best way to vape, hands down!